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Welcome to the page to hearts of iron rome, as you maybe know is the project over a month old!
But here is some picktures and information about what we have done to now.

Here you see the main menu, when you get the mod you will hear an fantastic backround music.
It's a roman song on latin

I have allready maked 10 countries here you only see nine of them, im sorry for that. As you maybe know the mod starts in 1 Ad, well it's not hard to see at the pickture
Here you see
Here you see a litle part of the roman emire, if you can read the text on the pickture with the leader will you see that its written Augustus Ceasar. He was the leader in rome year 1 ad.

All roman sea is added. Scandinavia is 2 countries .
1; Mare suebicum
2; Lapland

Dacia the litle versal state of rome! AHHH

Download Hearts of iron Rome music's at hoirome.page.tl/Downloads.htm

Last updated 15 August 2010

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